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Hosted Payload Website

The Common Instrument Interface (CII) Hosted Payload Opportunity (HPO) database provides information regarding future Earth satellites containing sufficient breadth and depth so that NASA Earth Science Flight Programs and prospective Earth Venture-Instrument proposers can be successful when matching instruments with HPOs.

Site Notice

The Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program Office has chartered the Common Instrument Interface (CII) team to establish and maintain a Hosted Payload Opportunity database.

For additional information on the CII Project, please visit our Home page.

  • Data derived from open source information found on public Internet to provide high-level overview of Earth-orbiting satellite market.
  • Data are neither validated with primary source nor guaranteed.
  • Information on ISS manifest provided for convenience only.
  • ISS payloads are those which are destined to be hosted on ISS. Please contact Ms. Sharon Conover (JSC-OZ211), [sharon.c.conover@nasa.gov], 281-244-8158, with any questions.
  • ISS Resources are those vehicles that operate in proximity of the ISS. Payloads that fly on ISS Resources, even if the payloads are never attached to or energized in proximity of ISS, must meet requirements levied by the ISS Commercial Crew Office (JSC-ON), 281-244-7626.

Please send corrections to Jim Hofman, james.e.hofman@jpl.nasa.gov.